Inspirational Offices from around the world

If you’re tired of your office space and are resigned to working in an environment that’s dull and uninspiring. There are certain things you will always want to start with as a standard and thats new carpet, paint for the walls, desks and chairs.  Then you want to look at technology next, for example computers, […]


Why safety net savings are so important

Savings goals can be exciting when setting funds aside for fun things like a dream holiday or a lavish wedding, but what about those nasty surprises lurking around every corner? A broken-down car, high phone bill, or other unexpected expense can really take a toll on your budget. Image Credit Establishing a savings safety net […]


An introduction to commercial ductwork parts

Most commercial and many residential air conditioning systems deliver conditioned air through ducts. Their purpose varies – heating, cooling, humidity-control or the provision of clean filtered air – but the basic structure is similar. Many systems serve all of the above functions. Image Credit Most modern ducts are cylindrical, because a circular cross-section promotes a […]


How to avoid breakdowns with your commercial fridge

Domestic fridge and freezer breakdowns are never convenient. Most of us have forgotten how to cater to our families without relying on them, but it isn’t the end of the world. For a commercial establishment, however, it means a substantial dent in the budget from wasted supplies and a logistical crisis for the whole enterprise. […]


Big systems are investing in community health

Community health is a byword for the concept of preventative healthcare. Clinical organizations are increasingly focusing on how to drive down the cost of healthcare provision by positive social interventions which ameliorate many of the factors which lead to ill health, acute admissions and the development of chronic conditions. Image Credit Social factors It is […]