Cool Facial Hair Styles for Summer 2016

For some people, summer is a time to start obsessing about toning your body so that it is ready for the beach. But for men who have a penchant for facial hair, there is a much less strenuous way to impress people during the warmer months of the year.

To get you in the mood for experimentation, here are some facial hairstyles you might want to try out in preparation for the summer’s arrival.

Be Beardy

A full beard is still an impressive sight, even if they are more common today than they were a decade ago. Even Hugh Jackman is embracing one for the third standalone Wolverine movie, ditching the iconic mutton chops for a grizzlier approach to facial fuzz.

Beard maintenance is incredibly important if you are going to rock this hot hipster look, so invest in beard oils and remember to shampoo it at least twice a week to keep it clean, shiny and soft rather than a food-spattered mess. Beard oils also add fragrance to your face.

Go Clean-Shaven

Beards and other forms of facial hair are still in vogue, but for plenty of people, the dreams of growing something that would make a lumberjack jealous are just out of reach. So if your genetics are not in your favor and your facial hair is not especially thick, the clean-shaven look could make you stand out from the crowd.

Make sure that when you shave you go with the grain, as using a razor incorrectly can cause discomfort, a rash and even ingrown hairs that you will want to avoid. The clean-cut style of a well-shaven face is smart enough for any occasion.


A beard requires a lot of commitment, but a mustache is something you can grow in a week, try out for a bit and then shave off if it seems like too much hard work.

Mustaches can look a little scraggly if left to their own devices, so when the sun starts shining remember that with a little wax you can keep your hair in check and embrace that dapper style of a bygone age. You can even combine a longer mustache with other forms of facial hair, such as stubble or a chinstrap beard if you want to reduce the need to shave on a regular basis.