4 Trends in Events and Gatherings That Will Impact 2021

Corporate and company events usually take months, even years to plan. But when the pandemic broke out, most of these events were put on hold. The entire events industry struggled to cope with the effects of the pandemic and is now starting to adapt to changes. Although there’s much to learn, many are starting to come up with new concepts that allow for holding events while ensuring public safety.

With this in mind, there are new trends in the events industry that will continue this year. These trends will affect the design, guest experience, themes, and destination options.

It’s possible for live events to resume in the second quarter of 2021

This trend is hypothetical because it depends on many factors. Some in-person events have been allowed in some countries, but are yet to be allowed in the UK. With the vaccination currently ongoing, many are hopeful that gatherings will be allowed by the 2nd quarter. But, there’s an optimistic outlook on this matter as some smaller events have been held successfully.

Later on in the year, it’s possible for intimate gatherings to be allowed. When it comes to corporate events, safety might still be an issue depending on the number of attendees.

Demand for group and business travel and events will remain strong

Quarantine and health protocols are still strict, but some countries have opened up for tourists and travellers. Business travel will likely recover as well but will be slow and gradual. A key thing to remember is to remain flexible. Cancellations are still imminent, especially for group bookings. As an alternative, luxury accommodations could be a safer option. In the meantime, there’s plenty of opportunities to hold in-house training and on-site strategy meetings.

Guest and attendee experience

Guests attending an event have certain expectations. Corporate events are usually meant to strengthen team dynamics and allow everyone to have fun. In the past, team buildings usually feature all sorts of entertainment such as games, fairground stall hire, musical bands, and refreshment stalls. But, it’s not ideal in the current circumstances.

If holding a company event anytime this year, the first step is to educate attendees about the goal of the gathering. Smaller meetings are best to maintain health and safety guidelines. Mandatory training is allowed, but it’s critical to ensure that your company isn’t violating any government regulation.

If an in-person interaction is a problem, you can choose to hold a virtual gathering instead. Foregoing company parties and fun events may dampen the expectation of employees, but everyone can choose to adjust as long as proper expectations are set.

Trends in event design

This year, the trend is holding hybrid events. A combination of virtual and in-person meetings is the best way to ease back into holding bigger face-to-face gatherings. When it comes to choosing a venue or destination, the most critical aspect is to ensure that all proper health protocols are followed. Preparations are also stricter as not every concept can be executed under the current circumstances.

The past year may have been challenging, but what we’ve learned has opened up new avenues to welcome 2021 with a positive outlook for the events industry.