Airport Fashion: How to Look Good and Stay Comfortable During Flights

When traveling, comfort should be your top priority, especially if we’re talking about a long flight with one or more layovers. On the other hand, it doesn’t mean that you should cut back on style since there are many ways you can dress up for the trip and still stay comfortable and cozy. Keep on reading if you want to find more about three indispensable elements of the perfect airport outfit that will make you look effortlessly chic!

An Extra Layer

The temperature on a plane is usually between 71°F and 75°F, but it certainly feels cooler because you are sitting still during your entire flight. This is why it is important to always bring an extra layer when dressing up to go to the airport. Many travelers name cardigans as their go-to choice, since they are just as warm and comfortable as sweaters, but have the benefit of being easy to take off and even be used as a blanket if you feel like taking a nap during your flight. Moreover, this tip can greatly help you when packing, as you can simply wear your bulkiest garment on the plane instead of putting it in the suitcase where it will take too much room.

Roomy Bag

No matter if you travel with a carry-on, a backpack, or a full suitcase, it is crucial to have a roomy bag where you can put all your essentials for the flight. Make sure the bag is sturdy and made of durable materials so that it can survive any trip. Celtic leather tote bags are our personal favorites; these accessories are built to last, so they can survive any flight or layover and easily store whatever you decide to bring on the plane, from toiletries to a spare outfit. Thanks to their unique design, Celtic bags as those you can find online  are just as beautiful as they are functional, so your airport attire will instantly look more elevated. Some of our must-haves for the flight include a hand sanitizer, an eye mask, headphones, and an aforementioned spare outfit, as you never know when you’ll spill orange juice on your top or your luggage will get lost and you won’t have anything to wear.

Comfortable Footwear

Don’t torture your feet by wearing tight shoes or high heels on the plane, as not only it is uncomfortable, but it also negatively affects your circulatory system which is already stressed because of the flight. Instead, opt for some adequate shoes that you can easily take off during security checks if needed. The best options are slippers, which are perfect for the summer season, and sneakers, especially the ones without laces. Additionally, we recommend investing in a pair of compression socks, particularly if you are someone who travels a lot since they will help you prevent swelling and increase blood circulation.