Bitcoin – How To Be Your Own Custodian  

With Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency for that matter, users have the option to either make use of a third-party vendor or to act as self-custodians for their digital assets. Self-custodianship is especially suitable for those users concerned about full control and security. While this… Read More

What to wear to a winter wedding

We’re all used to the classic representation of summer weddings both in mass media and amongst our friends and family members, with sunny days, lightweight dresses, and colorful bouquets. Winter weddings, however, are not only not worse, but often more intimate and aesthetically pleasing, especially… Read More

MLB Rules For Beginners

Major league baseball (MLB) is a captivating sport followed not only by North Americans but also by sports lovers all over the world. But to truly enjoy a baseball game, it is important to first understand the rules of how the sport is played. First… Read More