2020 Global Health and Wellness Trends

Each year a slew of new trends around our overall health and wellness emerge. Make sure you stay up to date about what we’re concentrating on in 2020.

Active Recovery

Rest Days are used to describe when you’re taking a break from exercising and can be seen as a type of passive recovery. This entails taking complete rest with no physical activity being implemented at all.

Active recovery, as the term indicates, includes low-intensity exercises instead, promoting the flow of blood to sore muscles and so helping them to recover better and more quickly. You don’t need to be in a gym to do these exercises either since meditation, Pilates, and yoga can all very easily be done at home on your own.

Boutiques Gyms

Boutique fitness studios can be described as those that focus on group exercises that fall into one or two fitness areas. So, this trend will see more people opting for boutique gyms that feature CrossFit or Boxing, for example, and additionally allowing their customers to sign up on a monthly basis instead of having to commit to 12-month contracts.

DNA Diets and Personalised Nutrition

DNA diets look likely to explode this year as personalized nutrition plans become the most popular health and wellness trend in 2020. Genetic testing is spreading like wildfire on a global scale as people flock to find out more about the genes that affect their weight and nutrient metabolism.

The results of your DNA test can help a dietitian provide you with the healthiest possible diet to get you to your weight loss goal, help you manage chronic disease, and get you to your optimum health level.

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Fenugreek Seed

Hailing from the Mediterranean, fenugreek seeds have long been used in cooking, medicines, and tinctures. Their appealing flavor, comparable to maple syrup, makes them an excellent ingredient to add to more pungent solutions.

Toasting them in a frying pan releases their flavor and they can then be added to bread, curries, pickles, salads, and sauces. Ground fenugreek seeds are also delicious in teas and smoothies.

They’re made of natural fibers which swell and fill up your stomach, so as a bonus, you’ll find your appetite is decreased and your weight loss efforts buoyed up. Try to chew them twice or three times a day and you’ll find you feel fuller for longer after eating much less than you usually do.

Wearable Tech

A worldwide survey that looked at fitness trends last year saw thousands of professionals in the industry ranking wearables as the most popular movement for 2019 and it looks very likely that they’ll stay on top this year too. The widespread use of smartwatch apps that help us track steps, for example, will keep growing as more people rush to take advantage of this simple method of controlling their wellbeing on a day-to-day basis.