What to wear to a winter wedding

We’re all used to the classic representation of summer weddings both in mass media and amongst our friends and family members, with sunny days, lightweight dresses, and colorful bouquets. Winter weddings, however, are not only not worse, but often more intimate and aesthetically pleasing, especially if there is a specific theme that the bride and groom decided to center their celebration around. If you’ve been invited to such a wedding this winter but don’t have an idea about what to wear, here are a few of our suggestions.

Dark tones

There is no better time to take your burgundy dress out of the closet than now! Dark tones are the to-go choice not only for a winter wedding but for any other party organized during this cold period of the year. Contrary to popular opinion, these hues won’t make you look older and can in fact beautifully accentuate your complexion. Emerald green, navy, classic black, and other deep hues will perfectly contrast with the snow and winter decorations, especially when paired with statement gold jewelry. Although there is no fashion rule that you can’t wear floral prints during winter, it is generally recommended to leave them for summer celebrations.

Wool garments

This might come as a surprise, but wool is in fact a very popular fabric to wear at winter parties, including weddings. If the dress code is not so formal, a classic crew neck sweater with a beautiful pattern can be dressed up perfectly for the occasion. However, if you still plan on wearing your gorgeous sleeveless dress but wouldn’t like to freeze during the ceremony, a cardigan is exactly what you need. Irish cardigans are especially popular, as in their homeland they are often used at weddings, for example as presents for the newlyweds or even for the guests. Plus, if you get the right Irish cardigan, you can wear it on a daily basis for many years to come, without needing a special occasion like a wedding.

Velvet and satin

Speaking of fabrics that are appropriate for a winter wedding celebration, satin and velvet are definitely the other two textiles you should consider getting for your attire. Thanks to their unique luxurious touch, they will make you feel more put together than ever and will surely catch the eyes of the other guests. The beauty of these fabrics is that they look excellent no matter what length you plan on wearing, so a bright fuchsia satin mini dress will look just as good as a long velvet dress with voluminous sleeves. Velvet and satin also make excellent detail pieces, for example when incorporated as a collar in a cotton blouse.

Bonus point: Anything but white

Seriously, why do we even need to mention it? It might seem like common sense, but you’d be surprised to see how many guests think it is appropriate to wear this color to a winter wedding. Leave this hue for the bride and wear literally any other color that you can think of!