Bitcoin – How To Be Your Own Custodian  

With Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency for that matter, users have the option to either make use of a third-party vendor or to act as self-custodians for their digital assets. Self-custodianship is especially suitable for those users concerned about full control and security. While this… Read More

The Future of Crypto Development

Cryptocurrency, which has been mostly comprehended by a small group of anti-structural venture capitalists, is rapidly turning to a star name. According to experts, the worldwide crypto market might more than quadruple in value by 2030, reaching well almost $5 billion. Regardless of their preferences… Read More

Why Is Health Insurance Important?

We all know that health insurance is important. It’s one of the world’s top-selling forms of insurance and for the past few years, there has been a notable increase in the number of health insurance options out there. There is everything available, from plans that… Read More

Pension or buy to let property?

The relaxation of pensions regulation in 2015 saw a sharp increase in older people cashing in all or part of their pensions to invest in buy-to-let property. Pensions were stagnating in the current low-interest climate, and those who had an eye on their future (especially… Read More

PPI final 2018 deadline set by FCA

Making a claim for mis-sold payment protection insurance (PPI) seems to have been around for ages; however, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is now putting its brakes on the issue, declaring a spring 2018 deadline for any outstanding complaints. The countdown begins As one of… Read More