Clothing Care Rules that Help Your Garments Last Longer

Make sure your clothes look brand new with these easy tips on how to take care of them depending on the fabric that they’re made of.


The refinement and high quality of silk place it at the top of the most beloved fabrics. Although more on the pricey side, with silk you’re guaranteed to get your money’s worth. But this rich material is as demanding in its care as it is luxurious and there are a few strict rules one must follow to ensure the beauty and longevity of their clothing. To begin with, never use bleach or chlorine-containing products when silk, as this will irreversibly damage the material. Investing in a mild detergent made especially for delicate fabrics might also save you from buying another garment altogether. When drying your garments, it is better not to use the tumble dryer regardless of the temperature that you set, since it can cause the silk to shrink. However, when air drying, avoid exposing silk clothing to direct sunlight in order to maintain its natural color.


Woolen clothes such as knit cardigans and sweaters need a bit more of your care and attention to remain good-looking. If cotton and linen garments can be easily thrown into the washing machine, these knits are more delicate and require special conditions. A knit cardigan made of 100% wool for example can only be washed by hand in lukewarm water and with a special detergent that would ensure the cleaning of the clothing without damaging its delicate material. Soak it for a few minutes and then gently squeeze the garment to clean it of any dust, food particles, and even dead skin cells. Drying it correctly is just as important: remember to never use the tumble dryer as it can cause the cardigan to shrink and destroy the wool. Instead, lay it on a flat surface and let it air dry completely before folding it and storing it in your wardrobe.


Even though denim is a fabric made of cotton, the process of taking care of denim clothing is much more complex than one would think. Such a sturdy and durable fabric require special care if you want it to last longer and not lose its original charm. There are a few rules to keep in mind if you want your denim clothes to maintain their distinctive color and quality. First of all, don’t wash it as frequently; this will prevent the fabric from losing its hue and original fit. Washing it once every 10 wears is more than enough and even if you’ve noticed a stain it can be easily removed with wet wipes or a washcloth. However, if you really need to clean your jeans or denim jacket, you can do it whether by hand or in the washing machine using cold water and only after turning your garments inside out.  Lastly, just like woolen clothes, denim garments should never be dried in the tumble dryer and should be hung in a windy area instead.