Transform your Garden with these 5 tips

If you’re someone who takes pride in their home, having a pristine Garden should apply too. Making simple changes to your garden can really transform your outdoor space, and also creates a relaxing place for you to go to during the summer. If your outdoor space is limited, but you still want to admire a […]


Six Types of Shelving for Your Home

Technology might be getting smarter and houses more streamlined, but there is one element that is always useful, no matter what – shelves. Image Credit Would you believe that the first shelves were used way back in the Stone Age? Even now, they are still a must for providing storage space and keeping your home […]


Frei Otto changed the world of architecture

You have probably never heard of German architect Frei Otto, but you’ll know his buildings. If you are not familiar with Otto’s own astonishing creations, surely you know airy canopies like London’s 02 Arena that are directly inspired by his discoveries and designs. You will definitely have seen these buildings on the television as most […]

Business Lifestyle

A retail business needs a proper Set up

Anyone starting a retail business in 2020 would be forgiven for thinking that the only route is online, however businesses can still have a high street presence and for many businesses there is no reason why ‘virtual’ shopping and ‘physical’ shopping cannot exist side by side. If you are starting a retail shop and all […]


Inspirational Offices from around the world

If you’re tired of your office space and are resigned to working in an environment that’s dull and uninspiring. There are certain things you will always want to start with as a standard and thats new carpet, paint for the walls, desks and chairs.  Then you want to look at technology next, for example computers, […]


Why safety net savings are so important

Savings goals can be exciting when setting funds aside for fun things like a dream holiday or a lavish wedding, but what about those nasty surprises lurking around every corner? A broken-down car, high phone bill, or other unexpected expense can really take a toll on your budget. Image Credit Establishing a savings safety net […]