A gift guide for men born in autumn

Fathers, husbands, brothers, or friends, we love and cherish the men in our lives – but let’s be honest, sometimes it can be a hell of a task to find the perfect gift for them, especially for their birthday. It feels like they have everything and their favorite answer to the question “What do you want for your birthday?” is “Nothing!”, which is, obviously, not very helpful either. With this in mind, in blood and sweat, we have done hours of research and perfected a list of 3 all-time favorites that will probably solve the issue once and forever. So, here you have the gift guide for men born in autumn, as their birthday is fastly approaching:

A watch, but with a twist

We love to see men adding accessories to their outfits, it’s a small note that shows attention to detail. But if you don’t know them that well or are not sure how eager they are to experiment with jewelry, a watch is always the safe option. The gift can be just a watch if you are not that close to the person, but if there is a stronger relationship between you and him, we have a recommendation that will make the gift extra personal: engrave it. Watches are beautiful and stylish, but engraving makes each piece unique. So find something between you and him that can be worn as a piece of memory that will always remind them of you. It can be anything from an anniversary date, a quote you both love, an inside joke even – you will know. And he will love it.

A Sweater, the bridge between tradition and modernity

This one is our secret weapon and hasn’t failed us once! It is a piece of timeless style that will find its way into the wardrobe (and heart) of any man. The Irish Sweater is, first of all, a piece of history brought into modern fashion. The first sweaters were knit centuries ago, on the Aran Islands of Ireland, by the wives, mothers, and sisters of fishermen, in order to protect them from the unforgiving winters at sea. Since then, this piece has found its way into every era of fashion and remains a classic that will always steal all the looks in the room. Besides its fascinating history and cultural baggage, the Irish sweater is also extremely versatile, which means you don’t need to worry if the gentleman you’re buying for has a more casual or more formal style – it will work perfectly with either! You can find beautiful examples here – it is that easy and you don’t need to spend hours looking for the perfect gift ever again!

A flat cap for their inner Tommy Shelby

One of the biggest and trendiest shows right now is The Peaky Blinders and there’s a huge probability that the gentleman you are searching for a gift for has already seen it – twice. However, even if they happen to be the exception, we still strongly believe that they will like this gift: an Irish cap. Even if it makes them feel like Tommy Shelby or not, this piece is definitely worth a try. It embodies elegance and a timeless style and creates a look that will be appreciated by all the ladies and envied by other gentlemen. Besides that, Irish caps are also great accessories for fall, usually made from wool. They succeed in keeping the wearer warm and comfortable, all day long. Dressed well and protected from the cold – what’s there more to ask? At the end of the day, who’s gonna stop you? Nobody.