Knitted articles to have in your wardrobe this winter

This season, knitted accessories go from underrated to must-haves in your wardrobe, and we have three articles that can’t be missing from your outfits. Whether you like to be as cozy as possible or you prefer a more breathable outfit even in the coldest weather, you will find something to suit your style in this list. Make sure you style these pieces as boldly or as neutral as you want and get ready to be comfy and cozy the whole winter. Read along and get some inspiration from these articles by Vogue for a more in detail look at the knitted trends.

High-quality scarf

If you never invested in a high-quality scarf, you don’t know what you’re missing, and we are here to tell you all about it. Scarves are such a versatile item, and if you get a qualitative knitted scarf this autumn, it will surely last you many years to come. If you get a fun pattern scarf, this will accent even the most boring outfits, being the star of the show and making your lazy days better every time. If you prefer a more neutral scarf that will match absolutely everything in your wardrobe, you can go for a plain beige one, and you are set for the winter. Either way, a high-quality scarf like these we found on is an item that is both stylish and practical and you should have at least one, so get shopping.

Aran cardigan

The next item we are suggesting has been highly underrated in the past years, but it’s slowly making a comeback. You may be familiar with the Aran style, you probably saw the sweaters becoming a trend again, but the Aran cardigan is an even more versatile piece, with the same effect. We suggest getting a cropped cardigan, in vibrant color to make it the eye-catching piece of your outfits. You can choose a longer one if that is your style, as there is a wide variety of Aran cardigans and all of them serve the same purpose: keeping you warm and comfortable. These cardigans work with dresses, jeans, work outfits, and pretty much anything you can think of. It’s time you hop on the Aran trend and rock all the outfits this winter.


Ok, we agree that this is not for everyone, but you don’t know the power of a shawl until you own and style one. Shawls are like a warm blanket that wraps around you to ensure warmth even on the coldest nights, and they come in many styles and patterns. You can style a shawl in a casual outfit with some jeans and a black turtleneck, or you can feel like a celebrity with an off shoulders shawl on top of an elegant dress. There are many ways to enjoy this piece, and we are sure you will have fun integrating it into your wardrobe. All you have to do is find the perfect pattern for you, and style away!

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