Fun things to do when you retire

Congratulations on your retirement! The hardest part is done – getting up and going to work, taking care of your family, and saving for this day. But what if retirement proves to be too easy and there is not enough to do? Work keeps us busy, but in retirement, we often feel that we need to find fulfillment activities. Here are some ways to keep busy and involved with life.

1. Get a job

This option might seem to be more than a little ironic – to abandon work-only to come back into it. But the reason is that you may need the money. For some, retirement is often a great opportunity to start a career that is something they’ve always wanted to do. Many people find a new job liberating and satisfying.

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It is clear that many retirees find this a helpful activity. Mentoring of children, helping small businesses on a project, assisting in the library or hospital, helping local volunteer groups, or charities – there are tons of opportunities. Think in terms of what you want to do and the organization that you want to help; then contact them and tell them you want to help. Many organizations will be thrilled by the offer of another pair of hands to help.


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4. Take up a sport or exercise

Golfers do not have to worry about what to do with their time-they were too busy playing, practicing, and reliving their rounds afterward. Most people don’t have time for sports when they are busy working, so retirement offers the perfect chance to throw yourself into a sport you’ve always wanted to try. Many people who come into sport at an older age get great pleasure (and other benefits, such as fitness) out of that new activities-whether it’s fishing, sailing, tennis, golf, cycling or swimming.

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5. Get a hobby

Start one while you are still working. That will give you time to explore different alternatives and you give something to start on Day One of your retirement. Whether it’s collecting, chess, scrapbooking, knitting, gardening, woodworking, painting, crosswords or / sudoku – begin your search and research now for something you can get enthusiastic about. It will give you something to look forward to as well as the opportunity to connect with others about something you share an interest in.

6.Startup a business

In this field, you are only limited by your imagination, interest, and finance. People need someone to walk dogs, house-sit their empty properties, tutor students, fix computers, etc. Perhaps you always had an idea for a product or service now is the time to test it. Do something you like, be careful not to invest too much of your capital, and try to get good advice from someone whose judgment you trust.