Do you know the difference between silicon and silicone?

Silicon and silicone are very different despite having similar spellings. Silicon is an element, while silicones are polymers that contain both oxygen and silicon; what’s more, they occasionally contain carbon and hydrogen.

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Silicon is the seventh most common element in the universe and second to oxygen as the most common element. It is listed as the 14th element in the periodic table and it bonds well with oxygen.

Silicone, on the other hand, is a synthetic polymer and usually comes in liquid form or as a flexible rubber-like plastic. One of its main advantages is its high heat resistance. Silicone can also act as an electrical insulator.

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Silicone is found in oven gloves and pot handles

Silicone is a component in items that are subjected to high heats, including oven gloves, pot handles and kitchen tongs, It also boasts non-stick properties, which makes it perfect for coating pots and pans. The resistance to heat and its flexibility means it can act as a lubricant for car parts. It is also used as a sealant to ensure a container remains watertight, most notably in aquariums. Plumbers also appreciate the benefits that silicone provides to ensure pipes do not spring leaks.

Silicone is also found in implants, catheters and some personal care items, from lubricants to shampoo and shaving foams. According to Healthline, the average silicone breast implant can last from 10 to 20 years; however, many implants are removed sooner due to complications. Silicone gel is thicker than saline; therefore, the gel can remain inside the implant or scar tissue when an implant ruptures.

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Silicon is used for semiconductors and chips

Silicon is found in structural items such as concrete, bricks and glass. It is also a good semiconductor of electricity. When heated and turned into its molten state, silicon can be used for semiconductors and chips.

The southern region of the San Francisco Bay area, now known as Silicon Valley, was once called the Valley of Heart’s Delight, which was inspired by fruit growing in the region. In the 1950s, global companies including manufacturers and innovators of the silicon chip moved in. Silicon chips are commonly used today in computerised devices such as mobile phones and computers.