Why is there a shortage in warehouses?

As an existing warehouse owner or someone who is on the lookout for new premises, you’ll no doubt agree that there is a significant shortage of suitable storage space within the industry at present. So why is there a distinct lack of property and what can you do to get around this?

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Principle reasons for poor storage availability

As the warehousing sector boomed into the 21st century, the industrial property became harder and harder to come by. The industrial vacancy rates have plummeted in recent years due to the high cost of building new warehouses. Even leasing seems to be out of the question for now because so many properties are owned by big landlords who won’t consider it. In some regions, the cost of building new storage structures has more than doubled in the last five years alone. So even if the industry could keep up with demand, it would send its economic growth spiraling backward.

In the UK, the growing trend of online shopping has meant retail companies and grocery stores are eating up the available space on the market just to cope with customer demand. The Telegraph Online looks at the status of online shopping in this article? To other industries, however, the shortage means that new solutions must be found to keep business afloat. After all, no matter how efficient their distribution centers are, if they can’t get products in or out of the door then they are going to wind up in trouble.

With this shortage in mind and need to get products out of the door and to your customers quicker working alongside your current distribution center or creating an extra service by hiring a professional company to deliver the products for you, you could choose the Same Day Courier Slough company.

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Ways to get around a shortage in warehouse space

One positive outcome of this squeeze is that warehouse owners are looking into new ways of making their existing space more efficient. With new land often not a possibility, they are introducing new measures of storage that are more economical for their space. This includes redesigning their floor space, building mezzanines and purchasing pallet racking solutions that better fulfill their requirements. If you, like many other warehouse owners, are seeking ideas on how to improve your current storage solution, do not hesitate to contact a professional company.

The current lack of warehouse space being leased or marketed does not have to be a disadvantage to the industry. With so many warehouse owners taking this route, will you be following their example to revolutionize your precious warehouse space?