Buckingham Palace Installs Energy-Efficient Boilers

Even the Queen needs to stay on top of heating and hot water. The monarch is adopting an eco-friendly approach when it comes to running her home, and she is replacing boilers that are up to three decades old with environmentally sound appliances.

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Green and Efficient

The palace is said to be getting a new energy center which will offer a more flexible array of options for supplying heat and hot water to the vast expanse of the palace. As an added benefit, this new arrangement will use less energy, saving money and reducing harmful emissions into the air.

The palace gets its heating and hot water at present from a complex set of boilers and old pipes – some more than six decades old – in the basement of the huge building. Updating all of this will not a quick process, and the entire refurbishment may take place over the next ten years or so.

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Major Update

Pipes and boilers are not the only things getting an overhaul at Buckingham Palace. Other work entails renovations needed for future-proofing the building. Many of the artworks housed at the palace also need to be moved and carefully stored while ancient radiators and pipes are removed. For more on that, see this report in The Guardian. Even though thousands of items will need to be moved to make sure the renovations can take place, it is thought that the Queen herself will remain in her Central London home.

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