Inspirational Offices from around the world

If you’re tired of your office space and are resigned to working in an environment that’s dull and uninspiring. There are certain things you will always want to start with as a standard and thats new carpet, paint for the walls, desks and chairs.  Then you want to look at technology next, for example computers, phones and a Visitor Management System found on sites like The same as just about every other office you’ve ever worked in – this list of some of the most inspirational offices in the world might motivate you into making a few changes.

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Innocent Drink Offices

Innocent has experienced incredible growth in recent years, and the company has a reputation for being youthful, fun and fresh with its popular range of healthy drinks, smoothies and snacks. As you might expect, the Innocent London offices are colourful, fun and inspirational places to spend time in. As well as a communal garden, the offices have football tables and ping-pong tables to help employees unwind and bond while they take a break from their desks.

Spotify Offices

Spotify offers digital streaming services to millions all over the world, and their subtle yet cool offices in London are as innovative as the brand as a whole. As you might expect, the audio visual furniture is second to none, and the conferencing facilities are incredible.

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If this inspires you to re-vamp your own offices, then there is a wide variety of furniture available. There are also work, rest and play areas to encourage staff to mix up their day at the office.

Lego Offices

As you would expect from Lego, the company’s Danish offices are fun, colourful and unique. The aim was to create a bright, fun working space, and Lego features heavily in the offices.

Google Offices

Google’s offices all over the world are the stuff of legend, and most of use have heard stories about what it’s like to work for the internet giant. The Zurich office even features a huge slide and fireman’s pole to allow people to get around the building more quickly – but also have fun while doing so. Business Insider reveals there are also snack rooms and games rooms.

Corus Entertainment Offices

The Corus offices in Toronto don’t let their size – over 1000 people work there – stop them creating a fun working environment. As well as a three-storey slide, there are plenty of places to relax and chill out in. The boardroom tables are even designed to look like ice hockey rinks, in a nod to one of Canada’s favorite pastimes.