Furniture for Foodies

Who says the food is just for the kitchen? Food-inspired furniture is incredibly trendy right now and there are loads of delicious creations. One of them will certainly help create a fascinating and fun element to any living room décor. Do not believe me? From a French fries bed to a sofa that looks like a hot dog, you can satisfy your cravings without putting on any weight! If you love unique designs and want to express your love for food in a distinctive way, get on board with some food-inspired furniture pieces like these:

Muffin Pouffe

This is a luxurious puff seat with hidden storage space made by the Italian designer Matteo Bianchi. The seating unit is a must-have furniture choice for anyone with a soft spot for muffins.

Egg Rug

If you’re wondering what it’s like to stand on top of your food, a rug that looks like a fried egg is definitely for you.

Egg Chair

It might not look like an egg but it is certainly shaped like one. This iconic retro chair from the mid-20th century is a fun and comfy addition to any contemporary interior. Get your Egg Chair from Pash Classics

Banana Night Light

After the eggs, maybe dessert is in order. If you’re looking for something fruity, then you should try a delicious banana lamp. Freestanding and portable, you never need to be left in the dark again with this cheeky fruit lamp.

Vegetable Cutting Boards

You cut veggies on them so why not have them shaped like veggies too? Broccoli, tomatoes, eggplant, and pepper, what other forms of the cutting board could you possibly ask for?

Pancake Floor Pillow

These floor cushions by designer Todd von Bastiaanslook good enough to eat. These cushions look just like delicious pancakes, consisting of layers of foam pillow that can be stacked and covered in digital prints.

French Fries Bed

Lying on a bed of French fries might make you too hungry to sleep, but for all those who can’t resist some fast food, a bed shaped like a box of fries is the ultimate ode to junk food.

Baked Potato Bean Bag

This bean bag chair is a huge amount of fun, including a knob of butter in the form of a satin cushion. When not sitting in this huge soft potato, it also serves as a decorative, if slightly odd sculpture talking point.

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Ice Cream Cone Bean Bag

Irresistible and sweet, this Ice cream cone bean bag is designed for ultimate relaxation in style, while thinking how many scoops of ice cream you can enjoy after your next meal.

Hot Dog Sofa and Burger Chair

This wonderfully tasty combo first appeared on the show at the Maison et Objet in Paris and was designed by Studio Job. The burger chain is beautifully adorned with pickle pillows and slices of tomato.

Salt Cracker Pillow

Everyone needs sofa snacks and now you can enjoy crackers for cushions too! Hungry yet?