What Are Cottage Windows?

A unique way to preserve the elegance of traditional home curb appeal, or to bring in an old-world sense of charm, installing cottage windows is an ideal way to go.

Originally, cottage windows were comprised of wood and would wear down due to weather conditions, this meant that they had to be refurbished. Newer cottage windows boast many advantages thanks to modern technology.

This broad term encompasses windows that suit a traditional home, however, they’re not restricted to specific properties.

Cottage windows are also known as Tudor or Georgian windows. Available in a wide range of materials such as wood, UPVC, and even aluminum, they open in the same fashion as traditional windows. What makes them different is that they have a series of bars that make the glass appear to be squares in place of one large piece of glass.

Originally, cottage windows allowed draughts to enter the home and the wood would tend to warp due to weather conditions. Thanks to the modern technology used in cottage windows today, other materials are now available and you don’t have to worry about the wood warping or draughts entering the home. If you are looking for window-fitting jobs then see here.

Which Homes Are Suited To Cottage Windows?

Just as the name suggests, cottage windows are ideally suited to a traditional-style cottage home. They’re a great way to keep with the style of a cottage. That having been said, if you’re seeking a more modern traditional elegance in your home, cottage windows are an ideal route to go.

Benefits Of Cottage Windows

Installing cottage windows is an ideal way to go traditional. Living in modern homes, installing cottage windows will give the home an old-world appeal and is an ideal way to add some more charm to the home.

It’s easy to consider installing cottage windows with older-style homes and while it may appear that you’re compensating for your security and energy efficiency, thanks to the advancements, you’re going to be surprised.


Featuring horizontal and vertical strips across the panes of glass, these windows are more secure than other windows.

Energy Efficiency

Thanks to the visual charm and the elegance, you’ll have all of the great benefits of energy-efficient windows with modern advancements that help to make them more energy-efficient. Double glazed glass ensures that you have more insulation.


The availability of different styles, colours, and thanks to different materials such as UPVC, wood, and metal, cottage windows offer a variety of benefits and you can now choose the one that best suits your needs and personality.

Types Of Cottage Windows

Casement Windows

These fit into the majority of spaces regardless of height and width. They attach to the frame via a hinge or two and open outwards allowing fresh air into the home. They seal tightly when closed ensuring that there are no draughts coming into the home. This makes them more energy-efficient than original cottage windows.

Common features are a Georgian bar running through the glass giving it an effect of there being more than one pane of glass in the window.

Sash Windows

Sash windows have one or more removable panels or sashes. These work to hold the panes of glass. Often, the window lifts the lower pane upward overlapping it with upper panels when opening it. Cottage windows are an ideal way to lend old-world charm to a more modern house.