Delightful Welcome Bag Ideas are the Warmest

There are so many ways to make your wedding extra-special, not only for you but for your beloved guests as well, especially those who have come from out of town. One thing you can do for your guests, to make them feel very welcome at your big day, is to provide them with adorable welcome bags filled with goodies. These bags are simple and fun to come up with and they can be personalized according to your wedding theme!  So when your guests come into your Wedding Venue in Gloucestershire which you can find out more about at links including you can have them ready to give out to them.

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The Material

To make gorgeous welcome bags, the first thing you have to do is choose your packaging. If you want to go for something rustic and homely, why not use burlap or canvas, guaranteed to provide a really cozy feel. If you wish you can even iron-on cute details or a welcome message.

The Goodies

Once your bags are all created, it is time to fill them with treats, goodies, and gifts for your guests. Food and drink are guaranteed to put your bags’ recipients in a good mood! Why not add sachets or boxes of high-quality tea and coffee, or perhaps even some delicious hot chocolate? For nibbles, you can opt for a range of sweet and healthy treats such as granola, candy, and tasty chocolates nicely wrapped in shiny paper.

Special Touches

If you are going with a vintage wedding theme why not seek out extra special little vintage items or foods to add to your welcome bags, to tie in with your big day?

Another good idea is to put in a special message or card, informing your guests of timings and what will be happening. Be sure to include your contact details so they can get in touch with you. And if there are any exciting local attractions why not put in some vouchers or suggestions on what to see?

More Tips and Tricks

For more ideas on what to put in your wedding welcome bags be sure to check out sites like The Knot and Brides

There are also numerous vintage wedding-related tips on sites. With so many resources available, you’re sure to find all kinds of wedding ideas online!

Now you have some welcome bag inspiration your guests are sure to be thrilled by whatever you put together.