Tech Innovations that Changed the World

How much do you know about the latest tech trends and innovations? Are you even aware of some of these amazing inventions? Technology has revolutionized our way of life. From modern conveniences (like smartphones) to basic necessities (like food), technology plays an important role in shaping our culture today. That being said, here are the major technological advancements that shaped the world over the last century.

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Tech Innovations that Changed the World

1. The Laundry Detergent Dispenser

The invention of a one-piece plastic laundry detergent dispenser changed the way we wash clothes. Early automatic washing machines were quite large and bulky. They required multiple parts that could easily break and create a mess for any homeowner.

In 1941, Alberto Santos Dumont made the first patent for a portable automatic washer with the same shape as his airplane design; however, it didn’t come into fruition until 1951 when its creator, Dr. Emilio J. Freireich, introduced his idea to consumers. By the early ’50s, the washer/dryer combination had become mainstream in American homes. Within 10 years, manufacturers began making their own versions of this appliance to meet consumer demand.

2. The Hoverboard

Self-balancing scooters have been around since at least the 1800s when Robert Hooke invented the hydraulic balance wheel, which is similar to what would make up the hoverboard. However, the self-balancing two-wheeled board wasn’t invented until the 1960s by NASA engineer Peter McMichael.

McMichael wanted to invent something safer, friendlier, and cooler than a skateboard. He decided to build a device that could move on smooth surfaces without any friction. His first prototype resembled a miniature skateboard that could move forward or backward but not side to side. This led him to the idea of incorporating gyroscopes so that he could tilt the board using hand signals.

McMichael also wanted to add wheels to the device to prevent the rider from slipping off while moving along. Eventually, the inventor came up with the idea of utilizing magnets to hold onto metal objects, thus giving birth to the very first hoverboard.

3. The Walkman

The popular music player was originally created to play cassette tapes, but Sony brought out an updated version named the CD Walkman in 1979 just like somehow some online casino Australia sites were created. This product was a significant step toward changing how people listened to music because they no longer needed to carry lots of cassettes everywhere.