Different Types of Xbox Games-Consoles

Over the years since the establishment of the games, there have been several releases of the Xbox games consoles. Technology has also improved on them, models that are now available. You should move with time and try these different models of consoles available in different stores.

The home consoles

The First-Generation Xbox consoles

These were first released in 2001. They are some of the oldest consoles that you can find at a very affordable price. One of the best-selling games played with these was the Halo 2 game. These are the types of consoles that you play with connected to your television set just like some big win casino games.

Second Generation Xbox 360

These were later on released in 2005 and sold at a very affordable price as well. Its best-selling game is Kinect adventures. However, they did not meet the demands that they received from the customers because of the short supply.

Xbox 360E

Released by Microsoft in 2013. This type is one of the best consoles that you can have for your games. It’s very portable in terms of size. You can make use of them by connecting to the HDMI. Apart from that it also has two USB ports and a Wi-Fi connection.

Xbox Series X and Series S

These are the latest consoles available for the home consoles type. Released in 2020 they have one well on the market. They are available in two colors that are black and white. The games available for this include Halo, Forza, and Infinite amongst others. You can also check out the best au casino sites for similar games.


When it comes to its products, Microsoft produces the best. In terms of the Xbox games consoles that it has produced. They make sure they improve on their products, and they have managed to remain competitive as well. Competing with other companies like Sony and Sega.