The variance between an interior designer and an interior decorator 

Do you want to decorate or design your home or your office? Then you need to know the difference between an interior designer and an interior decorator. You can find many interior designers everywhere. Bangalore is the most populous city located in Karnataka. Because of that population, there are a lot of buildings, homes, and apartments around everywhere. Are you planning to do interior decoration? You don’t need to worry, and you can find many Interior Designer Company in Bangalore.

An interior designer

Interior design is the art of understanding homeowners’ behaviors, preferences, and tastes to form aesthetically and architecturally optimized spaces. Interior designers syndicate artistic and scientific solutions to reach functionality and form in line with homeowners’ lifestyles.


An interior designer is who applies creative and technical solutions within a structure that is functional. An interior decorator furnishes an interior space with accessories and furniture to create an aesthetic environment.

Academic credentials

Interior design is an occupation that can be trailed only with specific academic credentials. It contains various monarchies of study, including spatial planning, computer-aided design (CAD), color, fabric, drawing, building, and furniture design. New graduates are usually delegated to complete an internship with a reputable interior design firm before looking for an independent career.

Professional scope

Interior designers are skilled at choreographing architectural design, 3-D arrangement, and interior makeover. They can compose an inclusive sweep of design activities, from hatching the floor plot to placing down an ultimate touch of a room. Designers are equally pitched towards aesthetics and comfort design and work closely with architects, contractors, and civil engineers.

An interior decorator

Interior decoration hinges around the attractive aesthetics of a space and comes after the physical layout of a home base has been set in place. A decorator concentration on providing and ornamenting a space with a flavorful design to offer an artistic decoration.


An interior decorator often uses to prettify a living space once an interior designer has completed their required structural or functional changes. As an interior decorator, they will install the windows, often paint the walls, glue the wallpaper, place the right furniture, even add accessories such as lamps, rugs, throw pillows, and wall art to a room.

Academic credentials

interior decorators in Bangalore don’t require certification in the field. Many decorators have unrelated degrees but have a creative flair and an eye for design. There are several courses that a decorator may determine to take to develop their repertoire of skills. These usually cover subjects like color and fabric, spatial planning, decor styles, material planning, etc.

Professional scope

Interior decorators are style savants who can visually uplift a room. They can help style a space through color, furniture, and accessories. Decorators typically come on board after a home’s architecture has been finalized.


If you want to design a house or an office, you contact an interior designer to make space for your building. If you want to decorate the house or the office with accessories, you have to get help from an interior decorator. As per your need, you have to treasure the designer or the decorator for your specific space.