An Easy Guide To Reducing Anxiety In A Stressful Situation

How To Easily Ease Anxiety

There are not that many people in the world that don’t suffer from anxiety of some kind. They might have a fear of talking to an audience, they might have anxiety linked to financial worries, or they might just have general anxiety due to all the events that are taking place in the world at the moment.

Anxiety can be extremely debilitating to those that suffer from it, and it can quickly turn an otherwise bearable situation into one that becomes too much to handle. With that in mind, these are some simple methods that can be employed in most situations to quickly reduce anxiety.

Breathing Exercises

Most people that have suffered an anxiety attack can attest to the fact that their bodies go into overdrive, which can range from heart palpitations to dizziness to even fainting. But breathing almost always lies at the center of it all, and it’s also something that we have full control over.

Breathing is a powerful process of the body, and it’s deeply tied with meditation, so learning how to focus on breathing when anxiety strikes might be enough to make the current circumstances more palatable. There are numerous breathing exercises that can be implemented, but perhaps one of the simplest consists of:

  • Breathe in slowly
  • Count to four
  • Breath out slowly
  • Repeat as necessary

Music And/Or Silence

Many people suffer anxiety when their senses are overstimulated. This might be because of too many people in a crowd or loud music or any number of things, so tuning it out can be a big help. The easiest way of going about this is by pulling out a set of earphones and listening to some calming music.

Music is an especially powerful medium when it comes to invoking a sense of calm, so it’s worth always having a playlist on hand that has a selection of calming music. Another option is to have a pair of noise-canceling headphones on hand at all times to completely dampen the outside world.

Leave The Situation

If a situation is making a person uncomfortable, there’s nothing wrong with just turning and leaving until the anxiety dies down. It’s a common fear among people that simply excusing themselves might make others perceive them as rude, but it’s not really the opinion of others that matters as much as what the sufferer might be going through.

Sometimes it can be worth it to just leave until everything settles down – potentially using the time to chat to a friend or to visit – and then return a little bit later on.

Think Of Something Funny

It may seem simple, but humor is one of the most powerful tools we have available to counter the negative emotions that plague our minds. A funny memory can quickly help reduce the anxiety that a feeling may be feeling, but it has to be a specific memory that they find endlessly humerus.

Online support can help in tackling stressful situations that bring about my anxiety or addiction. Stop Together is helping people who have anxiety brought about by bad relationships or dependency on pornography.
The added benefit of this is you can access support from your own home, maintaining your ambiguity. Many people are embarrassed or worried about seeking help. This method of online help can assist a wide variety of people looking to improve their life from the comfort of their PC.

Suffering from anxiety is not something that anyone willfully chooses, but with the right tools on hand, it’s possible to de-escalate the worst of it.